Providing school bus service for schools in Calgary. We specialize in daily school bus routes.

School bus rentals are also available for small and large groups. We have school buses to suit every need and our great alternative for local day trips.

Chartering out a school bus is the most economical way to travel with up to 72 passenger seating capacity, they are perfect for sports teams, church groups, musical and corporate groups.

Our school buses have a separate compartment for storing extra items.



More Information:

Bus Registration Terms and Conditions

All students must register each year to reserve seats on the school bus. The availability of seats is according to first come first serve basis. To ensure a guaranteed seat please register ahead of time. 

Registration for the 2018/2019 school year.

School Bus transportation for the 2018-2019 school year is now open to new students. The registration form is to apply for a seat on a bus for the school year.


Daily Rider (per student) $975.00

After your registration has been processed you will receive an e-mail from the transportation department with:

  • Pickup/Drop off location and approximate time.
  • Or an e-mail to notify you if your child does not qualify for bus transportation from Indo Canadian Bus Ltd

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Transportation Department.

Phone: 403.968.7950


Be respectful to all other riders and the bus driver.

Only registered riders shall ride the bus and must ride their assigned bus at all times.

Be at your assigned stops five to ten minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive

Form a single line as you walk onto the bus

Respect personal space between yourself and the student ahead of you.

Students may be assigned to a specific seat.

Small items may be carried onto the bus which must be carried on your lap. Do not bring sharp or dangerous items that could cause harm.

Follow the bus driver’s instructions

Sit facing forward with your back against the seat. Keep your legs, feet, and personal belongings out of the aisle. Do not sit sideways or turn around in your seat.

Put your backpack or book bag on your lap.

Keep your belongings inside your backpack or book bag.

Use the garbage can, not the floor.

Do not put anything outside the window. This includes your hands and head.

Use a quiet voice when talking to other riders.

Do not eat or drink on the bus.

Cross at a marked street crossing or intersection where possible.

If there is no marked street crossing, walk 3 meters in front of the bus and wait for the bus driver’s signal to cross. Do not cross behind the bus.

No bullying is allowed on the bus, suspension of bus services may take place.

No foul language, shouting and screaming is allowed on the bus, two warnings will be given to students not following the bus rules after two warnings the student will be suspended from the bus for a certain time period or permanently depending on the decision of Indo Canadian Bus.

Each student is responsible for their conduct while on the bus. Any student found violating the school bus rules will result in disciplinary action and possibly a loss of bus riding privileges. Any change made to the drop off /pick up location requires permission from guardian(s) and written notification from the office prior to the departure;If the Parent/Guardian permanently moves his/her residence after the beginning of the school year, and as a result the student no longer requires transportation services, or the student moves to another school and no longer requires transportation services, no refund will be applied and the parent/guardian shall pay the full amount , unless a replacement student is provided to accommodate previous seat(s).The Parents/Guardians are responsible to provide updates/changes to any information related to the students contact information as soon as possible to Indo Canadian Bus Ltd via email to Indo Canadian Bus Ltd expects all students to conduct themselves in a safe and orderly manner whenever riding the bus. Students are expected to follow the driver’s instructions. Drivers have the authority to immediately address student behaviour issues by assigning seats and reporting situations to Indo Canadian Bus Ltd authorities and parents. Continued behaviour issues may result in the suspension or dismissal from the bus without refund of transportation fees.